everybody was invited to a party (2018)

video, prop wall, handmade puppets, translation textbooks

"Can you help me? Where are we now? You are very kind.

I long indeed to see you. I’d like a room facing the sea. Please I want it now.

I want it in lilac. I’d like a romance story. I’m in a serious case.

What do you have for dessert?

Peach Melba?

Caramel pudding? Lemon meringue pie?

Whats the trouble? How long have you been feeling like this?

I’d like some lipstick, some soap, shampoo against dandruff.

I’m lost. I’ve lost. I’m sick. Leave me alone. forbidden.

Hot storm

sand cloud

deep flood

night dew

fast worship.


Everybody was invited to a party!"

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